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Year End Giving Opportunities to Support Thriving Ministry – Thank you for your generosity towards the ministry at Bethlehem Covenant Church. We are grateful

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* General Fund Mission and Ministry Gift.  All Ministries are funded by your undesignated gifts to the general fund mission and ministry of Bethlehem Church. It is your generous donations that support our ministry staff, provide a safe, clean facility, and fund the resources for Christ-centered ministry. 

* Midweek Ministry Meals Gift  Bethlehem Church provides up to 100 meals before Wednesday night ministries. It is a lively time of fellowship, & food and providing needed nourishment and time for a strong healthy church.

* Greater Things to Come Generosity Campaign Gift  Make an additional gift of $50 to $5,000 above your campaign pledge, for extras to the upcoming spring construction of the new building addition and existing building renovations.

* Youth Pastor/Youth Ministry Gift  Bethlehem Church is committed to a vibrant Christ-centered youth ministry to our community. Your designated gift to Youth Ministry supports both a full-time youth pastor position as well as a fully funded youth ministry budget.

* Little Flock Pre-School Gift Little Flock is in its 22nd year of pre-school ministry sharing the love of Jesus in a Christ-centered learning environment. Your gift provides resources to support this year’s expansion to two classes.

* Lake Beauty Every Kid A Camper Scholarship Bethlehem Church is committed to every kid in our communities having the opportunity to attend a spiritually uplifting and positive life-impacting week of bible camp at Lake Beauty. Your extra gift provides a 50% scholarship to a child or youth going to camp.

* Mission Seed Trip Scholarships Boots on the ground can provide a life-changing experience like no other. One Covenant leader said, “There’s no insight until you are on-sight.” A gift to “Seed Trip Scholarships” support volunteers who commit their time and provision to go on a short-term mission trip through Bethlehem Church to Belize or Alaska in 2023. Your gift can provide a transformative experience.

* Covenant World Relief and Development Gift Through this arm of the Covenant Church, your gift reaches the poorest and most vulnerable around the globe. CWR&D brings support to people suffering from natural disasters as well as helping to build long term sustainable development projects in under resourced regions of the world.

* Missionary Support Bring encouragement and support to a Bethlehem Church sponsored missionary. Be part of their life and ministry through a financial partnership and regular communication and prayer. Bethlehem’s mission team will gladly connect you to a missionary and discipling partnership in the gospel work around the globe.

* Cov-Kids Congo Child Sponsorship Over 10,000 children have been sponsored in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the past 10 years. Be part of a region changing movement by sponsoring a child through World Vision and the Covenant Church. Each sponsorship supports not only the physical, educational, and spiritual health of your child, but their whole community benefits as well. Your sponsorship makes a world of difference, and saves kid’s lives.

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